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Tekken 7 - King Storm Collectibles 1/12 Action Figure

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KING was a street brawling orphan who only cared about fighting until he was saved by the Marquez priests after a near-death experience. Upon a full recovery, King sought to begin a new life and put the violence from his past behind him. He became a Catholic priest and had a dream of building an orphanage for children to save them from becoming the fighter he used to be. After successfully building the orphanage, King encountered financial issues as funds were tight. To provide income, King fought in wrestling matches wearing his iconic Jaguar mask to conceal his identity. He became known as the “Beast Priest” and eventually learned of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, which he entered to win the large cash prize for the orphanage.
Set Contents
 - 4x Interchanging Pairs of Hands
 - 1x Interchanging King's Wrestling Cape
 - 1x Jaguar Lariat Effect
Manufacturer: Bandai
UPC: 4897072871944

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