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Elden Ring - The official Gaming Mousepad XXL

Maximum Purchase:
2 units

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Create the perfect gaming environment with the official ELDEN RING Gaming Mouse Pad — XXL size, available only on the official BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Store.

XXL Size 
We chose a large 300 x 900 mm size for you, which will be perfect for your gaming mouse, keyboard, or laptop.
This extra-large size will guarantee you a clean, precise victory when facing your enemies in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring LED Case and RGB Backlight 
Enjoy an integrated RGB backlight on the edges of the pad. You can choose one of the 14 lighting modes (fixed color, gradient, flashing, progressive change, etc.) using the case, customized with the Elden Ring logo.

Excellent Stability, Comfort, and Precision 
This pad features a non-slip rubber base to give you optimal stability, even when chaos reigns!
Its surface is micro-textured, enabling very high precision and great control!
Finally, the 5 mm thickness offers real comfort.

Premium Printing
We opted for sublimation printing. This ensures a perfectly homogeneous product with superior image definition. The image becomes an integral part of the product and is not just affixed to it.
That means you can enjoy a soft yet resistant surface.

Thickness: 5 mm
Size: 300 x 900 mm (XXL size)
Power cord length: 1.8 m. Powered by USB.
Backlit electronic case with Elden Ring logo
Voltage: 5 V Current: 100 mA
14 lighting modes (7 colors)
Soft microfiber top surface and gripping base
Only available on our Official Store
Weight: 700 g

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